And it happened one day

KARRIE opened her eyes

To the message that may

Cause so many more cries

TUSHAR had returned

But Karrie was so spurned

All the tears and even more fears

From the inside out

Her body had been burned

Games and ploys

They played each other like toys

But not like good little girls and boys

Oh no! TUSHAR KARRIE can make so much more noise!!

Some many tries

So many lies

There can be no more cries

It has to be, and so it is

TUSHAR KARRIE will never let go

At least on this…

For reason I shall not discuss, I am divorcing my husband. This has been an ongoing situation since February, 2019. There are no children involved and few assets. This case should have been concluded a year ago.

For the past two years, I have been living with friends and family, sleeping on couches and moving every few months, while my husband lives in our marital house. In fact, he just bought himself a new car while mine is in desperate need of repair that I cannot afford. Driving it is dangerous but no one cares.

I have done as the…

My trail of tears begins with the loss of my ferret, then my cat, then my aunt, then my grandma, then my dad, then my uncle. Shortly after I became very sick. Then my husband decided to start affairs with two women he worked with. I left him in January of 2019. I moved in with my best friend of twenty years, who kicked me out 8 months later after having said we would be together forever, no matter what. I moved in with my mom. She kicked me out five times before I finally left the last time.


I don’t know why

but you were my guy

now all I ever do is cry

my best friend

lover, husband

in a way

u were like my son

in this way

my heart, you totally won

I surrendered to you

my one and only, boo

but something went wrong

we were apart for too long

now all I have of us

is a sad song

I’ll love you forever, I’ll never leave you

your words stuck to me like glue

but now, where the fuck are you??

I must find a way

to get through the day

I still…

in appearance, an Indian boy

while deep inside

my animus resides

how devilish he can be

using trickery to control me

from so far across the sea

Raju Roy never leaves me

on my mind, in my heart

of him, my thoughts never depart

my most beloved, most beautiful

with him alone, my life is full

would you come to me?

To my house?

Yes, I would come right now

if you tell me how

and in return to claim their home

the legend and the fated walking in the flesh

they rule the Earth

and all the unknown


Today is the second day I have truly labored. I started by applying for a part-time job at the local kwiky-mart. They liked me a lot. I think they will offer me the job. But you see, I don’t want it. Not really. What I want, is to go home!

Please read with an open heart.

Everyone and all living things desire to be happy and to reduce their suffering. Some way more than others. However, the most basic instinct for life is the pleasure-pain principle. It is the first program running in our DNA, designed to keep us alive…

Chapter 5

You are now my wind. The power that floats this flower. I hear your song in the breeze, in the trees and the whispering of leaves.

And I am Earth, strong and true. I won’t break in your force, because KARRIE just passed a new course. Aced it? Nay. But this time it’s ok, not to always be number one. Your strength felt like a ton.

Nobody lost, nobody won. Schrodinger sure was fun. But it’s all just a game, and TUSHAR KARRIE is the game master.

If I am to be a slave, it will be for…

Karrie Kent

West Side OG BBO 4 Life

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